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Frequently Asked Questions

Three Steps to start your learning journey around the world

#1 Is it free to join?

Yes, it is free to join. You can create your account and start exploring our lessons for free. You only need to pay when you purchase a lesson.

#2 How can I get refund?

If your online tutor cannot perform his/ her duty, you can always get a credit refund, which allow you to book another lesson for other tutors

#3 How can I use a coupon?

When proceed to the payment page, you could enter your coupon code. The total amount will be reduced according to the coupon you have.

#4 How can I report a tutor

Every tutor in Lesson Everywhere should follow the code of standard. You can always report to us anonymously. We will perform proper measure to secure a safe and enjoyable environment in Lesson Everywhere

#5 Can I be a tutor and student at the same time?

Sure! There are variety subjects offered in Lesson Everywhere. You could always be a student of otheres and a tutor at the same time.

#6 Can I earn a coupon?

A coupon can be earned by referring a paid student or referring a tutor to start an online course here

#7 Can I find a tutor who speaks in my language?

Yes! The beauty of finding a lesson around the world is some of the best tutors who speaks in your language live remotely. Lesson Everything's mission is to bridge the gap of this problem.

#8 Can I find a language tutor for causal language practice?

Yes. Apart from the exam preparation, Lesson Everywhere got many native speakers who enjoy causal language practice with you.

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